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Managing People and Organizations


This course deals with problems concerning the selection and management of various dimensions and components of organizational structure and culture. An appropriate organizational design allows organizations to continually adapt to a changing global environment and to balance internal needs and external pressures to survive in the long run. A key element is therefore to understand how organisations can be designed and managed for a better performance. This course aims to demonstrate the interconnectedness between structure and performance. Accordingly, the course will aim to bring an awareness of the intended as well as unintended consequences of organisational design decisions.


The concepts involved focus on organisation structure (e.g. organization design), organizational change, organizational effectiveness, strategy, and culture, knowledge management and business process re-enginneering. Using Case-Study Method (Harvard) and actual cases from practice, students learn how to resolve problems related to organizational design and change. Students work in teams, prepare case studies and present problem solutions during class. It is expected from students to know the theoretical concepts from the course "Grundlagen der Organisation". Furthermore, all students are expected to study (not just read) the case studies and readings throughout the course. The case studies and readings will serve as the basis for classroom discussions. Grading is based on case-study reports, in-class participation and a final exam.