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Our Mission - Technology for People

Development of comprehensively aligned competences in business administration, management and leadership to establish sustainable and competitive industrial enterprises.


The Institute of Management Science research activities relate to the design and the management of industrial enterprises. The research areas cover the optimization of intra-and inter-organizational processes and structures, the innovations research and the development of risk-based enterprise management methods and techniques to establish sustainable competitive industrial enterprises.

The Institute of Management Science focuses on four research areas and related departments, each headed by a professor:

The research activities are based upon a multi-perspective management approach where the objective of sustainable competitiveness is addressed with different organizational, managerial and innovations research methodologies at the enterprise level, the business level and the process level. At the process level industrial engineering and labor related aspects are pre-dominant. At the business and enterprise level additional economic and financial aspects are prevailing. At the enterprise level a corporate governance has to be designed and implemented in order to integrate the different business activities within a competitive enterprise system.


The Institute of Management Science teaching activities cover the business engineering, financial, managerial and organizational part in the education of industrial engineering students and business informatics students at the bachelor, master and doctoral level. These contents are offered as individual courses also to other students of the Vienna University of Technology in order to provide them with an optimal support for their professional careers. In the spirit of a research driven education the specialization tracks are aligned with the research fields in the four departments of the Institute. The Institute has a leading role in the MBA programs that are offered by the Continuing Education Center of the Vienna University of Technology.

Special study programs

Post-graduate study programs at TU Wien Continuing Education Center