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Current Research Projects

  • COMET Center for Digital Production: Collaborator and Key Researcher in Area 5 as well as in the Demonstrator Project 1 (jointly with Consortium Pro2Future): Socio-economic Perspectives on Smart Production Networks, funded by FFG, Consortium Leader: Friedrich Bleicher, TU Wien
  • INSOR: Development and evaluation of applications for integrative social robotiscs
  • App-Studie YLVI
  • CODE of WORC: Cognitive Demands of Flexible Work Organization: Requirements and Challenges: Collaborator and Key Researcher, funded by the Austrian Science Funds FWF. Project leader: Bettina Kubicek
  • Machine Invention Systems: Development of next-generation autonomous invention systems
  • Agency in socio-technical systems: Coworking with artificial agents
  • BIM sustain: Development of efficient BIM-assisted planning processes
  • Emergent Innovation: A Socio-Epistemological Process
  • New Ways of Working: Team Climate Inventory

Past Research Projects

  • Female Biography Analysis: Identity Construction in Male-dominated vs. Female-dominated Professions
  • Leaky Pipeline: Eine Studie zur horizontalen und vertikalen Segregation an der TU Wien
  • MoVe: "Mobbing Verhindern" - Exploring Organizational Impact Factors on Bullying Prevalence
  • RIDDLES: Research Intersectional Dynamics while Doing Engineering and Sciences
  • Bullying and HR Management: A Cross-Cultural Study on Bullying from the Human Resource Professional´s Perspective
  • Co-Be: Participation in the conception, accomplishment and analysis of experimental comparisons between traditonally sequential and integral building planing processes (funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) under the program: Neue Energien 2020)
  • e-Nego-motion: Exploring the impact of different support philosophies and tools in electronic negotiations
  • EUDDplus: European Driver's Desk field tests under 'real life' conditions
  • Forschungsgemeinschaft Straßenbahn: Schwerpunkt 5 - Behindertengerechte Bauweisen
  • Ge:MMaS: "Genderspezifische Anforderungen für die Entwicklung neuer Maschinen unter Berücksichtigung der Mensch-Maschine Schnittstelle"
  • INTERNEG: Electronic negotiations, media, and transactions in socioeconomic interactions. A collaborative research initiative supported with the Social Sciences and Humanitis Research Council Canada, 2002 - 2007
  • MoViH: "Mobilität seh- und hörschwacher Menschen im öffentlichen Personenverkehr"
  • NEGPOINT: Scientific Mentor of the Start-up Project NEGPOINT, supported by INITS (Organization of the University of Vienna, the Technical University of Vienna and the City of Vienna to support Entrepreneurs)
  • TRAIN-IT: European - Canadian Cooperation for Education and Vocational Training on Internet Based Transactions (EC 2001-4/C 6014) supported from the European Union and Canadian Government 2001 - 2004
  • VERITAS: Virtual Enterprises for Integrated Industrial Solutions; a collaborative project supported with funds of the European Union, 2004-2006