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Organization, Cooperation & Conflict

A main feature of any organization is the division of labor across a diverse workforce: The members of the organization in their different roles and departments have different tasks and goals, and therefore have to coordinate their efforts. When resources are distributed among members of the organization, power and prestige are also allocated accordingly. Therefore, division of labor requires cooperation, but also makes differing viewpoints, conflicts of interest and power struggles within a diverse setting very likely, if not unavoidable. Within this research field we deal with these opposing tensions of organizational life.

As a major part of this research field, we investigate ways in which conflicting interests and preferences can be integrated and cooperation can be managed for optimal performance for example in negotiations. In the FWF research project e-Nego-motion we explore how electronic analytical and behavioral decision support influences the negotiation behavior of the supported users and the resulting outcomes and satisfaction of the participants. In the projects CoBe and BIM_sustain we analyze and design cooperation processes that explore the effects of integrated (and in the case of BIM_sustain software supported) planning of interdisciplinary teams (architect, building engineer, HAVC expert) in building planning processes compared to traditional sequential planning procedures.

There is significant research interest in the understanding of dysfunctional potential of (escalated) conflicts. Here, our focus is on workplace bullying as a distinct and systematic form of organizational (mis-)behavior against marginalized individuals. In MoVe we investigate specific work designs and implicit cultural norms which are likely to increase bullying prevalence in organizations, and in the international project WBCM we compare perception and prevalence of bullying with regard to gender, position and industry across different countries.

Detailed information about our projects and collaboration partners can be found here:

  • MONeT Monitoring Ongoing Negotiation Transactions (in preparation, 2014-2016): in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim and the University of Vienna.
  • WBCM Workplace Bullying: Culture Matters (2013-2014): international cooperation with the Hanken Business School, Finland, Texas University at San Antonio and Loyola University Chicago.
  • BIM_sustain (2012-2014): The development of efficient BIM-assisted planning processes funded by the Austrian Research Funding Agency FFG, Proj. BIM_sustain 240951 (Details here)
  • e-Nego-motion (2009-2012): Exploring the impact of different support philosophies and tools in electronic negotiations, funded by the Austrian Research Funds FWF, Project No: P21062-G14. (Details here)
  • MoVe (2009-2013): "Mobbing Verhindern" – Analysis of Effects of Organizational Culture, Climate and Work Designs on Workplace Bullying in order to prevent
    Workplace Aggression. (Details here)