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Organization and New Ways of Working

Recent developments in information and communication technologies offer organizations the possibility to provide flexible working arrangements which allow employees to decide where (spatial flexibility) and when (temporal flexibility) they work.

In this research area, we are interested in understanding various effects of the implementation of flexible work arrangements. It is assumed that the new ways of working have the potential to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, to ease retention management and to reduce travelling and infrastructure costs for the organizations. At the same time, flexible working arrangements reduce face-to-face time among employees which may cause lower employee identification and commitment or less innovativeness within the organization. Blurred or vanishing boundaries between private and public sphere may have a severe impact on employees’ health: the (perceived) need for constant availability jeopardizes necessary recreation phases and may contribute to stress symptoms and burnout. Additionally, the implementation of flexible work arrangements may have a varying impact on different groups of employees. For instance, increased work flexibility is often referred to as an instrument in gender mainstreaming and diversity management, however, it has also been criticized that it contributes to a perpetuation of gendered work segregation. With a thorough understanding of the positive and negative effects of new, flexible work arrangements, we contribute to the development of accompanying measures that prevent negative effects for employees and the organization.

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