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Univ. Ass. IM Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Dragos-Cristian Vasilescu, BSc

Tel: +43 (1) 58801 - 330 77

Tel: +43 (1) 58801 - 330 70 (Office)

Room number: 11

Theresianumgasse 27

1040 Vienna, Austria

Office hours: by appointment


Current semester

Graduate: VU International Negotiations (EN) (330.131)
Undergraduate/Graduate: VU Innovationsmanagement und Marketing (DE) (330.199)
Graduate: PR Project Work Labor Science and Organization (DE/EN) (330.233)

Past courses

Graduate: VU International Negotiations (EN) (330.131): 2015W, 2016S, 2016W, 2017S, 2017W, 2018S
Graduate: VU E&I Garage - Business Model Development (EN) (330.255): 2017S, 2018S
Graduate: PR Project Work Labor Science and Organization (DE/EN) (330.233): 2016W, 2017S, 2017W, 2018S
Undergraduate/Graduate: VU Innovationsmanagement und Marketing (DE) (330.199): 2016W, 2017W
Undergraduate: VU Fundamentals of Organizational Design (EN) (330.189): 2015S, 2015W, 2016S



(accepted) Filzmoser, M., Kovacic, I. & Vasilescu D.-C. (2016): "Integrated Design Studios: Education to Overcome Silo-Thinking and Enable Full BIM-Exploitation in AEC". Engineering Project Organizations Journal, Special Issue on Engineering Education.

Filzmoser M., Kovacic I., Vasilescu D. (2016): "Development of BIM-supported integrated design processes for teaching and practice". Engineering Project Organization Journal, 6, 2-4; pp. 129 - 141.

Kovacic I., Vasilescu D., Filzmoser M., Suppin R., Oberwinter L.(2015): "BIM in teaching - lessons learned from exploratory study". Organization, Technology & Management in Construction, 3, 7; pp. 1358 - 1366.

Conference Proceedings

Kovacic I., Filzmoser M., Vasilescu D., Oberwinter L. (2016): "Challenges in teaching integrated BIM-supported building design". First International Conference of the BIM Academic Forum, September 13-15, Glasgow, United Kingdom, ISBN: 9781905866816; pp. 97 - 108.

Kovacic, I., Vasilescu, D.-C & Filzmoser, M. (2016): "Integrated Design Studios: Education to overcome the Silo-Thinking in the AEC Enabling Full BIM-Exploitation". 2016 Engineering Project Organizations Conference, June 28-30, Cle Elum, Washington, USA.

Kovacic I.,Filzmoser M., Vasilescu D., Oberwinter L. (2015): "BIM in teaching - lessons learned from exploratory study". 12th International Conference on Organization, Technology & Management in Construction 2015 (OTMC2015), September 2-5, Primosten, Croatia.

Kovacic, I., Filzmoser, M., & Vasilescu, D. C. (2015): "Development of BIM-supported Integrated Design Processes for Teaching and Practice". 2015 Engineering Project Organizations Conference, June 24-26, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Kovacic I., Oberwinter L., Suppin R., Filzmoser M., Vasilescu D., Kiesel K., Skoruppa L., Mahdavi A. (2014): "BIM_sustain: Erfassung der Potentiale von BIM in einer experimentellen Studie". IPDC 2014 International Planning Design and Construction, November 20-21, Innsbruck, Austria in: "What's BIM? Neue Trends in Planungs-, Bau- und Abwicklungsprozess", A. Tautschnig et al. (Hrg.); Studia Universitätsverlag, 1 (2014), ISBN: 978-3-903030-06-0; pp. 59 - 71.

Projects and Cooperations

since 2018 Businesss Negotiation Club- academic coordinator (part of United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria - Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs (UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA)

2018 The Negtiation Challenge 2018 (San Francisco, USA) - competition judge

2016-2018 Businesss Negotiation Club- academic counsellor (part of United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria - Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs (UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA

2017 The Negotiation Challenge 2017 (Bogota, Columbia) - competition judge

2016 BEST Summer School Vienna on ‘Startup Companies - sustaining the future’, July 11-17, Vienna, Austria - seminar and workshop trainer

2016 The Negotiation Challenge 2016 (Vienna, Austria) - organizing committee & Vienna team coach

since 2015 University of Hohenheim | Institute for Interoganisational Management & Performance - Electronic Negotiation and Mediation Systems study though Negoisst in the Interational Negotiations lecture



Research Interests

Main focus: Innovation Systems

Select research interests

  • Machine/technological invention
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Industry 4.0
  • Innovation Processes
  • Organizational Design and Change
  • Building Information Management



Research Projects

Machine Invention Systems (2016-to date)Development of next-generation autonomous invention systems. (Details here)

(in development) SPAIN (2015-to date) System and Process Analysis of INnovation; multi-factor analysis on innovation processes in specific industries in the German-speaking region

BIM sustain (2012-2014) - Development of efficient BIM-assisted planning processes funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG. (Details here)



Offered Theses

 I strongly suggest you find subjects you are passionate about when writing a proposal. Generally, Bachelor proposals should be 2-3 pages long and Master proposals 3-5 pages long (12 font, 1.5 line spacing). For Bachelor proposals you are expected to find a research gap, formulate a research question, find some literature on the subject and potentially describe some of the empirical methods you plan on using to obtain your results. The Master proposals on the other hand should contain on top of the Bachelor proposal requirements a much better researched gap in the literature, one or multiple (related) research questions, the concrete methodology you plan on using, the preliminary literature list and eventually a timeline for the whole Master Thesis.  

Master Theses

No new subjects currently offered.

Bachelor Theses

Impact of education and training on negotiations: a case study (2 students)

Project Work

Changes in negotiator characteristics through negotiation education (2 students)

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