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Mag. Michael Filzmoser, PhD

Michael Filzmoser
  • Tel.: +43-1-58 801 / 33078

  • Zimmer: 18
    Theresianumgasse 27
    1040 Wien


  • Associate Professor at the Department for Labor Science and Organization of the Institute for Management Science of the TU Wien
  • Vice Dean of Study Affairs for Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering - Management

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Short Bio

Michael Filzmoser holds a MSc in International Business Administration (2005) and a PhD in Management (2009) from the University of Vienna. His diploma thesis addressed "Process Management at Austrian Airlines" his doctoral theis addressed "Simulation of Automated Negotiation". 2017 he received his venia docendi in Business Administration from the TU Wien, habilitation thesis topic "Experimental and Computational Analysis of Negotiation Processes."

Since 2018 Michael Filzmoser is Associate Professor at the Institute of Management Science of the TU Wien, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs (since 2015) as well as Curriculum coordinator for the Facutlity of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the TU Wien (since 2018).


Research Interests

  • Simulation
  • Negotiation esp. Automated Negotiation
  • Organization esp. Digital Transformation
  • Innovation

My research focuses on the analysis and design of collaboration and coordination processes especially in conjunction with the opportunities and necessities created novel technological developments.

Selected Publications

Link to full publication records at the publication database of the TU Wien. (incl. proceedings and conference presentations)

 selected publications (most recent first)

Journal Articles


M. Filzmoser, J. Gettinger:
"Offer and veto: An experimental comparison of two negotiation procedures"; 
EURO Journal of Decision Processes, 7 (2019); S. 83 - 99.

M. Filzmoser:
"Synergy and value in economic organization"; 
International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 18 (2018), 1; S. 35 - 45.

M. Filzmoser, S. Koeszegi, G. Pfeffer: 
"What computers can tell us about emotions - Classification of affective communication in electronic negotiations by supervised machine learning"; 
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, 274 (2017), S. 113 - 123.

M. Filzmoser, I. Kovacic, D. Vasilescu: 
"Integrated Design Studios: Education to Overcome Silo-thinking and Enable Full BIM-exploitation in AEC"; 
Engineering Project Organization Journal, 7 (2017), 1; S. 37 - 52.

M. Filzmoser, P. Hippmann, R. Vetschera: 
"Analyzing the multiple dimensions of negotiation processes"; 
Group Decision and Negotiation, 25 (2016), S. 1169 - 1188.

M. Filzmoser, I. Kovacic, D. Vasilescu: 
"Development of BIM-supported integrated design processes for teaching and practice"; 
Engineering Project Organization Journal, 6 (2016), 2-4; S. 129 - 141.

J. Gettinger, M. Filzmoser, S. Koeszegi: 
"Why can't we settle again? Analysis of factors that influence agreement prospects in the post-settlement phase"; 
Journal of Business Economics, 86 (2016), 4; S. 413 - 440.

M. Filzmoser: 
"Analysis of internal and external influences on path creation - A simulation study"; 
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 207 (2015), S. 42 - 49.

M. Filzmoser: 
"Lot-rolling - Supply chain negotiation in a two-stage multi-echelon system"; 
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, 218 (2015), S. 395 - 401.

I. Kovacic, M. Filzmoser, K. Kiesel, L. Oberwinter, A. Mahdavi: 
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GRADEVINAR, 67 (2015), 6; S. 537 - 546.

I. Kovacic, L. Oberwinter, M. Filzmoser: 
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I. Kovacic, D. Vasilescu, M. Filzmoser, R. Suppin, L. Oberwinter: 
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Organization, Technology & Management in Construction, 3 (2015), 7; S. 1358 - 1366.

D. Druckman, R. Mitterhofer, M. Filzmoser, S. Koeszegi: 
"Resolving impasses in e-negotiation: Does e-mediation work?"; 
Group Decision and Negotiation, 2 (2014), 23; S. 193 - 210.

I. Kovacic, M. Filzmoser: 
"Designing and evaluation procedures for interdisciplinary building information modelling use-an explorative study"; 
Engineering Project Organization Journal, 1 (2014), S. 1 - 8.

I. Kovacic, M. Filzmoser: 
"Key success factors of collaborative planning processes"; 
Engineering Project Organization Journal, 4 (2014), 4; S. 154 - 164.

I. Kovacic, M. Filzmoser, F. Denk: 
"Interdisciplinary Design: Influence of Team Structure on Project Success"; 
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 119 (2014), S. 549 - 556.

R. Vetschera, M. Filzmoser, R. Mitterhofer: 
"An analytical approach to offer generation in concession-based negotiation processes"; 
Group Decision and Negotiation, 23 (2014), S. 71 - 99.

I. Kovacic, M. Filzmoser, S. Faatz, S. Koeszegi: 
"Research project cost-benefits of integrated planning: first experiment results"; 
Organization Technology and Management in Construction, 3 (2011), 1; S. 254 - 263.

M. Filzmoser: 
"Automated vs. human negotiation"; 
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 4 (2010), 10; S. 64 - 77.

M. Filzmoser, J. Rios, S. Strecker, R. Vetschera: 
"The impact of analytical support and preference determination on consistency in e-negotiatins - A new method and preliminary results"; 
International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, 9 (2010), 5; S. 673 - 694.

M. Filzmoser, R. Vetschera: 
"A classification of bargaining steps and their impact on negotiation outcomes"; 
Group Decision and Negotiation, 17 (2008), S. 421 - 443.


Book Chapters

R. Vetschera, S.T. Koeszegi, M. Filzmoser: 
"Methods to analyse negotiation processes"; 
in: "Handbook of Group Decision and Negotiation, 2nd ed.,"D.M. Kilgour and C. Eden (eds.); Springer, 2019, accepted

M. Filzmoser, R . Vetschera, S.T. Koeszegi: 
"Negotiation processes: Empirical results"; 
in: "Handbook of Group Decision and Negotiation, 2nd ed.,"D.M. Kilgour and C. Eden (eds.); Springer, 2019, accepted

I. Kovacic, M. Filzmoser, D. Vasilescu: 
"Entwicklung von BIM-gestützter integraler Planung für Ausbildung und Praxis: Integrated Design Studio"; 
in: "Digitalisierungsbarometer 2017 - Die Immobilienbranche im digitalen Wandel", 39; M. Schmidiger, I. Kovacic, F. Petzold, J. Volm (eds.); Verlag IFZ - Hochschule Luzern, Zug, 2017, (eingeladen), ISBN: 978-3-906877-07-5, S. 417 - 433.

M. Filzmoser, I. Kovacic: 
"Experimentelle Analyse und Optimierung IT-gestützter interdisziplinärer Planungsprozesse"; 
in: "Industrial Engineering und Management", H. Biedermann (Hrg.); Springer Gabler, 2016, (eingeladen), ISBN: 978-3-658-12096-2, S. 203 - 209.

M. Filzmoser: 
"Exponential smoothed Tit-for-Tat"; 
in: "The iterated prisoner's dilemma: 20 years on", G. Kendall, X. Yao, S. Chong (Hrg.); World Scientific Publishing Company (ISSN: 0219-1989), 2007, S. 127 - 138.



I. Kovacic, L. Oberwinter, M. Filzmoser, K. Kiesel: 
"BIM Roadmap für Integrale Planung";"; 
Forschungsbereich für Industriebau und interdisziplinäre Bauplanung, TU Wien, Wien, 2014, ISBN: 978-3-200-03825-7; 58 S.

M. Filzmoser: 
"Simulation of automated negotiation"; 
Springer-Verlag, Wien, 2010, ISBN: 9783709101322; 248 S.

M. Filzmoser: 
"Prozessführung - Am Beispiel der Austrian Airlines Group"; 
VDM Verlag, Saarbrücken, 2009, ISBN: 978-3-639-21081-1; 145 S.

Research Projects

    e-nego-motion: Foundation of effective electronic negotiation support: socio-emotional, prescriptive and tehnological perspectives (co-author of the proposal, funded by FWF under grant no. P 21062-G14, 2009-2012)

      Ge:MMaS: Genderspeci c requirements for the development of new machines considering the human-machine interface (sub-project leader for the IMW, funded by the FFG under grant no. 826182, 2010-2012)

        CoBe: Costs and bene ts of integrated planning (sub-project leader for the IMW, funded by the FFG under grant no. 825618, 2010-2012)

          BIM_sustain: Process optimisation for BIM-supported sustainable design (co-author of the proposal, fundend by FFG under grant no. 2948506, 2012-2014)

            INSOR: Fair mediation in integrated social robotics, 2015-2021, semper ardens research project funded by the Carlsberg Foundation (project-member)

              industry projects: often in form of the supervision of master theses projects with companies (Austrian Airlines, Bank Austria Leasing, Bosch, Fresenius, Hoerbiger, Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik, OMV, Siemens, Trotec, Voest Alpine, Voith, etc.) and other organizations (Bundesministerium für Finanzen, Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft Einkauf und Logistik, Evangelische Kirche Österreich)

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              • EURO Working Group Decision Support Systems (EWG DSS)
              • EURO Working Group Behavioral OR (EWG BOR)
              • INFORMS Group Decision and Negotiation (GDN)
              • Techno-Economy-Forum of the TU Austria (TÖK)


              • GDN Group Decision and Negotiation (Journal and Conference)
              • CEJOR Central European Journal of Operation Research
              • IJCIS International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
              • EPOC Engineering Project Organization Conference
              • Robophilosophy 2020 Conference



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