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This course (taught in English) addresses doctoral students from all faculties of the Vienna University of Technology and is taught in cooperation with the University of Vienna. It gives a theoretical overview on the foundations of (philosophy of) science. However, the main element of the course is a hands-on introduction into practicing science and, more specifically, the process of creating radically/profoundly new knowledge. Students conduct a practical knowledge creation/ innovation project in interdisciplinary teams. The goal of this project is to achieve an expertise in state-of-the-art knowledge creation techniques (and their theoretical background), such as dialogue, reflection, world café, making implicit assumptions explicit, U-theory/presencing, different modes of deep observation, conducting generative interviews, deep knowing/understanding, methods from design thinking, etc. This part of the course aims at practically experiencing the socio-epistemological process/technology of generating (radically) new (scientific) knowledge in an interdisciplinary and collaborative context.


By completion of the course, students should be able to reflect the theoretical basis of their PhD thesis and to apply state-of-the-art knowledge creation tools.