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2020-06-04 [

Steffen Nixdorf


Predictive Maintenance Workshop at Association Industry 4.0 Austria

The SKBM Research Group cooperates with the Association Industry 4.0 Austria for the workshop about Predictive Maintenance.

Dr.-Ing. Fazel Ansari and his team support the Association Industry 4.0 Austria in establishing an interesting workshop about Predictive Maintenance with speakers from research as well as from the industry. The Predictive Maintenance workshop takes place on June 5th 2020, and revolves around all facets of the Predictive Maintenance Pipeline as depicted below. Dr.-Ing. Fazel Ansari will contribute insights about Text Mining in Predictive Maintenance.

Title: Text Mining Application in industrial maintenance

Abstract: Predictive Maintenance in the era of Industry 4.0 incorporates, inter alia, consideration of unstructured, primarily textual data. Fazel Ansari explains how Text Mining is utilised in analytics of unstructured data and capitalised for modern maintenance. He highlights which chances and advantages emerge for industrial companies and which kind of knowledge can be extracted from industrial documentations.

Should you be interested in SKBM’s Predictive Maintenance Pipeline, especially in Text Mining, we will be very glad to provide more insights. Please contact us at