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Projects of the SKBM Research Group


The SKBM research group is involved in manifold research and industry-funded projects focusing on data-driven and human-centered maintenance and related applications and use-cases. The following list is intended to provide a brief overview of all these activities and to illustrate the diverse competencies of the group.

Research & Industry Projects

  • digiLab IDS (2020-2021): Digital training and laboratory infrastructure for the Industrial Data Science certificate course at TU Wien.

  • EIT Manufacturing: Europe-wide ecosystem for innovation, education and business creation.

    • RoboNuggets (2020): Provides state of the art learning content for the guided learning platform (GLP) of EIT Manufacturing.

    • UN.I.CO (2020): Provides interactive, hands-on educational content for guided learning platform (GLP) of EIT Manufacturing​.  

  • Schichtbuch 4.0 [Digital Shift Book 4.0] (2020): Text mining tool for extracting hidden knowledge from digital shift books.

  • InComSMEs (2017-2019): Increasing the competitiveness of the domestic SMEs in North Macedonia in order to improve their cooperation with foreign investors’ companies.

  • Instandhaltung 4.0 [Maintenance 4.0] (2015-2017): Assurance of product quality and plant availability through a real-time based maintenance control center.


Student research projects, Bachelor, Master or Diploma theses

Different topics in maintenance 4.0 focusing on human-centered and data-driven approaches are supervised by SKBM team.