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Schichtbuch 4.0

CC BY 3.0 licence, by CSIRO
This image is published under the CC BY 3.0, by CSIRO

Short title: Schichtbuch 4.0 (Digital Shift Book 4.0)

Long title: Text Mining supported digital shift book 4.0

Origianl title: Text Mining unterstütztes digitales Schichtbuch 4.0

IMW contribution to the research project: 

  • Identification of research gaps in the affect of analysis of unstructured data on key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Identifying requirements from the perspective of both industrial and research, as well as technical and nontechnical requirements
  • Application of information retrieval techniques to find hidden knowledge in shift book entries
  • Data extraction, cleaning and pre-processing from existing shift book solutions
  • Providing know-how and methodologies for solving the identified maintenance problems with text mining
  • Automation of documentation for industrial maintenance workforce
  • Identification of industrial applicable speech-to-text solutions

Sponsor: Fraunhofer Austria

Duration: 04/2020-present

Maintenance technicians usually use digital shift books to document activities and conditions of the machines. Currently, unstructured data are not analyzed and related to KPIs. The goal of the Shift Book 4.0 project is to build up know-how and competence in the field of text mining. For this purpose, a demonstrator will be used to perform a complete analysis of shift book entries.

The Shift Book 4.0  project builds up a Proof-of-Concept demonstrator, as well as competence in the following areas: Data scraping, text cleaning & pre-processing, text mining methods as well as methods for visualization.


Project management:
Dr.-Ing. Fazel Ansari

Contact details:
+43 1 58801-33049