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Publications (Since 2017)

Journals (Peer reviewed)

  • F. Ansari, M. Khobreh, U. Seidenberg & W. Sihn, A Problem-Solving Ontology for Human-Centered Cyber Physical Production Systems, CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, Elsevier, Vol. 22C, 2018, pp. 91-106. 

  • S. Chala, F. Ansari, M. Fathi & K. Tijdens, Semantic Matching of Job Seeker to Vacancy: A Bidirectional Approach, International Journal of Manpower, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Vol. N.N. (Accepted).

Book Chapters

  • F. Ansari & R. Glawar, Knowledge-Based Maintenance, Book Chapter, In Instandhaltungslogistik, K. Matyas (Ed.), Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (To be published in 2019)

  • F. Ansari, Cyber-Physical Systems, Chapter In: Strategy Paper of the Research, Development & Innovation Expert Group: Priority Research Areas & Measures to Support the Austrian Re-search Landscape in the Context of Industry 4.0, The Association Industry 4.0 Austria (Verein Industrie 4.0 Österreich), 2018, pp.26-28. 

  • U. Seidenberg & F. Ansari, Qualitätsmanagement in der additiven Fertigung – Herausforderungen und Handlungsempfehlungen, 3D-Printing: Recht, Wirtschaft und Technik des industriellen 3D-Drucks, Handbook, A. Leupold and S. Glossner (Eds.), Verlag C.H.Beck, 2017, pp. 159-214. 

  • F. Ansari, K. Schenkelberg, U. Seidenberg & M. Fathi, Problem Solving in the Digital World: Synoptic Formalism, Incrementalism and Heuristics, Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, 2nd Edition; Laplante, P., Ed.; Taylor & Francis: New York, 2017.

Refereed Conference Papers

    • R. Glawar, F. Ansari, K. Matyas, W. Sihn, Conceptual Design of an Integrative Autonomous Production Control Model in association with a Prescriptive Maintenance Model (PriMa), CIRP Life Cycle Engineering, Procedia CIRP, 2019 (Accepted)

    • K. Kovacs, F. Ansari, C. Geisert, E. Uhlmann, R. Glawar & W. Sihn, A Process Model for Enhancing Digital Assistance in Knowledge-Based Maintenance, Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems, Springer (Accepted to be published in 2019)

    • F. Ansari, P. Hold, W. Mayrhofer, S. Schlund & W. Sihn, AUTODIDACT: Introducing the Concept of Mutual Learning into a Smart Factory Industry 4.0, In Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA 2018), October 21-23, Budapest, Hungary (Accepted).

    • F. Ansari, P. Hold & W. Sihn, Human-Centered Cyber Physical Production System: How Does Industry 4.0 Impact on Decision-Making Tasks?, 2018 IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Conference, 27 June-1 July 2018, IL, USA.

    • T. Nemeth, F. Ansari, W. Sihn, B. Haslhofer & A. Schindler, PriMa-X: A Reference Model for Realizing Prescriptive Maintenance and Assessing its Maturity Enhanced by Machine Learning, Procedia CIRP, Vol. 72, 2018, pp. 1039-1044.

    • L. Lingitz, V. Gallina, F. Ansari, D. Gyulai, A. Pfeiffer, W. Sihn & L. Monostori, Lead Time Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms: A Case Study by a Semiconductor Manufacturer, Procedia CIRP, Vol. 72, 2018, pp. 1051-1056.

    • F. Ansari, S. Erol & W. Sihn, Rethinking Human-Machine Learning in Industry 4.0: How does the Paradigm Shift Treat the Role of Human Learning? Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 23C, 2018, pp. 117-122.

    • F. Ansari, R. Glawar, & W. Sihn, Prescriptive Maintenance of CPPS by Integrating Multimodal Data with Dynamic Bayesian Networks, Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems, Springer, 2017.