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Welcome to the internet pages of the research group Human-Machine-Interaction at the Institute for Management Sciences of the TU Wien – Endowed Professorship “Human Centered Cyber Physical Production and Assembly Systems” in a framework of project funding by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

Next to the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, the companies FACC AG, Siemens AG Österreich, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co. KG and BECOM Electronics GmbH support the development of the professorship.





Motivation and Objective:

Industrial production and its value in Central Europe underlie next to an unchanged high pressure due to the competition also a new boost, which was induced through by industrially usable and interconnected solutions in digitalization and automation. The widely made known keyword “Industry 4.0” for in research, industry and politics The keyword “Industry 4.0” which has become known as a technology induced development trend in research, industry and politics leads through intelligent networks of humans, machines, tools, storage compartments and other objects to new forms of production planning and management.

This is linked to a change in production work concerning its organization, its work equipment, its task allocation between human and machine, its task contents and the therefor needed skills and qualifications. At the same time the manner has changed how production systems are designed all the way to an agile, IT supported planning and management structure with the help of new tools taken out of the industrial implementation of the internet of things.

The orientation of assembly arrangement concerning future challenges as well as in its technological aspects as well as the development of healthy and age appropriate production systems has to be a central theme within societal concerns. In order to be set up optimally for these developments, the endowed professorship “Human Centered Cyber Physical Production and Assembly Systems” (HCCPPAS) was created at the Institute for Management Sciences at the Faculty for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology.  

The topic of Human Centered Cyber Physical Production and Assembly Systems describes the design, usage and further development of digitally connected assembly systems according to an integrated socio-technical work system design. A significant objective is the human centered development of labor according to human-technology interaction. Design aspects are prioritized which raise the future- and competitive ability in a positive manner directly on site. Research and teaching of the field of HCCPPAS therefor orient themselves according to the interface of the research disciplines of production, labor sciences and technology management.

A central role is the continuous creation of prototype demonstrators within the Pilot Factory Industry 4.0 of the Vienna University of Technology in close contact with the participating institutes MIVP, IFT and IMW.