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Are you interested in participating in our yearly survey?

The industry panel carries the name “Made in Austria: Produktionsarbeit Österreich” (Future of Production in Austria) and aims to display a regular and scientifically based visualization of the current state and momentary future expectations of the Austrian industry.

The survey entails question concerning the company, the market, competitiveness, as well as core points to Industry 4.0 and digitalization as well as automation.

Executives as well as production-managers and -leaders from industry and trade can take part in the survey.

The results are subsequently presented at the annual event “Made in Austria” and discussed. Additionally, experts from within the areas of commerce, science, and society give talks on relevant topics.

We are constantly looking for participating companies from the production sector, if you are interested please write to us at !

Made in Austria 2020

The challenging year 2020 hit TU just as unexpectedly as the companies participating in our study. To our regret, the annual conference had to be cancelled due to COVID19, but this hardly influenced us in the preparation and publication of the study. Under the following link you will find the results of our study and get an insight into production work in Austria in 2020: Made in Austria: Production Work in Austria 2020

We remain confident that in 2021 we will again put on an exciting event with interesting presentations and are already looking forward to exciting presentations from the participating companies.

Made in Austria 2019+

The event “Made in Austria 2019+” was held for the first time as a forum for discussion for topics in production work of the future at the Vienna University of Technology.

The results of our industry panel were published and presented in the event, and certified experts from within the economy, science and society held talks concerning topics such as flexibility, robotics, leadership, and other core themes of production in Austria. Aside of an intriguing program, the venue offered an excellent view over the rooftops of Vienna.


Further information and pictures of the event can be found here >>Link<<

Should you be interested in the results of the study, they can be downloaded here >>Link<<


Here you are forwarded to the video announcing “Made in Austria 2019+”