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Student research projects, Bachelor, Master or Diploma theses

Different topics in maintenance 4.0 focusing on human-centered and data-driven approaches are supervised by SKBM team. etencies of the group.

  • SS2021

    • Predictive Maintenance Morphology
      Full Title: A Classification of Predictive Maintenance Applications in Industry 4.0

  • WS2020

    • Analysis of Job Profiles for Compentency Evaluation
      Full Title: Textual Analysis of Job Descriptions to Asses the Competency Evolution within the Industrial Maintenance

    • Maintenance Text Data for Cost Factors
      Full Title: Design and Development of a Prototype for Transforming Maintenance Text Data to Cost Factors

  • SS2020

    • Process Analysis with Process Mining
      Full Title: Analysing Process Mining Methods and Related Applications Supported by Machine Learning

    • Gamification in Maintenance
      Full Title: Design of a Procedural Model for Extracting and Specifying Requirements of Gamification Tools and Features in Industrial Maintenance

  • WS 2019

    • Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in cooperation with BRP Rotax
      Full Title: Possible fields of application of AI methods and technologies in the field of supplier quality at an international engine manufacturer

    • Blockchain for Smart Manufacturing
      Full Title: Enterprises Blockchain for Smart Manufacturing Enterprises

    • Maintenance Knowledege Management in Metal Industries in cooperation with Primetals
      Full Title: Maintenance Knowledge Management in the metals industry

    • Knowledge Discovery from Text in Industry 4.0
      Full Title: Knowledge Discovery from Textual Data in the Context of Smart Factories for Industry 4.0

    • Learning Scorecard Model for Smart Factories
      Full Title: Design of a Learning Scorecard Model for Assessing Human and Machine Productivity in Cyber Physical Social Production Systems

    • Root Cause Analysis in Predictive Maintenance in cooperation with Infineon
      Full Title: The way to a root cause prediction with an existing predictive maintenance model and its impact on maintenance and production KPI´s

  • SS 2018

    • Extracting Knowledge from Maintenance Reports
      Full Title: A Procedural Model for Extracting Knowledge from Industrial Maintenance Reports

    • Bayesian Networks in Maintenance
      Full Title: Dynamic Bayesian Network for Predictive Maintenance

    • Non-stationary Bayesian Networks for Predictive Maintenance
      Full Title: Non-stationary Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Predictive Maintenance: Theoretical Foundation and Application Scenarios